Voices of the North Wind


JULIEN KOEKITAKAZE (Voice of the North Wind)

Julien is an experimental robot designed for entertainement. He was made to fit any type of shows/situations, thanks to innovative technology. He uses the UTAU software for his voice.

Physically, Julien's ''skin'' is made of a thick white glossy solid material capable of project images on itself, changing colors or showing pictures of all sorts. It can also create moving patterns. This allows him to take an almost human appearance.

Julien functions thanks to a powerful battery inside of him that can be recharged using any electricity source, from generators to normal house plugs. It takes about an hour to recharge him completely for 72 hours of normal performing.


Voice Provider : JurianChibo

CV Act 1 OTO : Jared

Other oto(s) : JurianChibo & Eliniat

Design : JurianChibo




1. Follow ALL of the original UTAU rules.

2. Please use this voicebank and character in respect of races, religions and opinions. It is illegal to use the voicebanks or the character to promote hate againts groups of individuals (This means no racism, sexism, ableism, mentalism, rape culture, homophobia, transphobia, violence, hatred, etc.). Discussions of such topic (in a mature and informative way) involving this character is possible, but mention that JurianChibo and his associates do not necessarily share said opinion is obligatory.

3. Use of this character for mature content (18+ material, porn or not) is permitted, as long as it is made in good taste.

4. Do not roleplay or impersonate this character or his creator(s) without their permission. If you want to use this character's voicebanks (not the character itself) for roleplaying purposes, do so, as long as it follows all the other rules.

5. Voices of the North is not responsible for any bugs and/or glitches happening because of bad usage of their voicebanks.

6. Usage of this character or his voicebanks in a commercial way must be accepted by the creator (JurianChibo).

7. If used for only personnal/recreational/educational purposes, credits must be given to JurianChibo, the otoer and the character's name (in an obvious place).


Alternative design (By Larvantholos Lavintol)


CV Act 1
Normal CV voicebank, great range.
Japanese only.
Contains untuned CVVC samples
Very few VCV
CV Act 2
Normal voice, quite powerful
More realistic than Act 1
Japanese + extra english phonemes
Whisper append included